What you need to know

What is the CLP ?

In 2000s, the United Nations wanted to harmonize the labeling elements of the chemical products. Each country is responsible of this practice application or not. In Europe, this is adopted with the CLP regulation.

Since June 2015, the CLP regulation, involving the chemical products labeling's change, is effective. 

What are the changes ?

Classification's change : there is no equivalence between the old regulations (DSD/DPD) and the new one (CLP). For the most of the products, the classification is more severe.


What are the impacts ?

  • Quality : None. Same formula -> same performances
  • Safety/Environment : more severe. Classification criteria's change. A « not classified product » in DSD/DPD could be classified in CLP. With regulation change, there are more classified products (47% than 22% in DSD/DPD).
  • Packaging: new pictograms, Cardboard boxes' labeling.

Download the information sheet and FAQ here