Llubricants shelf life

Shelf Life Of Finished Products 0914

The expiry date of the products supplied by Total Lubricants essentially depends on storage conditions.

Total Lubricants does not guarantee a definitive expiry date, and recommends a rational user storage for a limited time.

Total Lubricants makes it sound storage and applies the FIFO ( First In First Out) for inventory management .

Storage conditions are essential to ensure product performance by avoiding the introduction of water , particles, oxidation by wet air, pollutants or corrosion.

Advisable storage:

The products should be stored under cover and protected from excessive effect of temperature and humidity in the original closed , not fugitives and undistorted packaging. Cans and drums should be laid back or to avoid the phenomenon of breathing bungs , caps or covers.

Storage time at the user:

The sound storage times are shown in the table above. For products delivered in bulk , storage time should not exceed six months. For advice on lubricants storage and handling, please visit our 'Guide to lubricants storage and handling' page