A Guide to lubricants storage and handling

Lubricants are delivered to end users in different types of packaging (containers, drums, barrels, buckets, cartons) or sometimes in bulk. At each stage of the handling, warehousing and final distribution process, a great deal can be gained by adopting the kind of good practice we recommend.

Some methods are necessary for reasons of hygiene, safety and environmental impact while others ensure that the lubricant is not contaminated when it is about to be used.

Lubricants are manufactured and packed in clean and closed packages, labeled with the necessary markings. In the manufacturing facilities, every precaution is taken to avoid pollution and to deliver high-quality pollution-free products.
All these precautions would be totally pointless if the end user failed to comply with certain storage and handling precautions.

  • Damaged packaging can result in leaks and/or the pollution of the product.

  • A lack of attention paid to suitable storage can allow the ingress of pollutants like dust and water. These pollutants then get into the lubricated equipment.

  • Incorrect practice during implementation of lubricants may result in the ingress of pollutants into the equipment can eventually cause equipment breakage and accordingly, unforeseen production outage.

  • Mixing some lubricants together may cause equipment breakage

  • Incorrect lubricant identification can result in an unsuitable lubricant being added to a machine, causing damage to the equipment.

It is relatively easy to avoid these potential problems by applying basic rules which are usually a simple matter of common sense.

In the document linked below. we will try briefly to go over these essential rules for the correct storage and handling of lubricants.

For advise on recommended shelf life for both opened and unopened product please visit our 'Guide to Shelf Life' page.

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