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Total offer a range of products for the entire pelleting process, that have the edge over competitors. Reducing downtime and as well as maintenance costs.

The pelleting process

The pellets are compressed in flat-die or vertical mounted ring die.
The pellet presses used in these applications are often derived from those designed for animal feed. The constraints are much greater and are linked to the type of material, which is harder to pellet. The engine power requirements are also greater. 

As a function of the type of wood pelleted, the service life of the bearings can be increased or reduced by 50%.

Operating conditions
  • High humidity - Water / steam released during compression
  • High temperature - From 100°C to 130 °C at normal operating conditions  (up to 180° at the end of the bearing lifetime)
  • High load - In most cases overload (higher than design load)
  • Dusty - High level of contamination

The majority of our competitors offer lithium complex greases with a high base oil viscosity.

With this grease technology, high temperatures and heavy pressures are responsible for a high oil bleeding. EP and anti-wear additives, for this type of technology, are soluble in oil, so the additives rapidly exit the bearing along with the oil, thus causing early bearing failure.

Under these conditions, with classical grease technology, it is not unusual to find bearing lifetimes between 500 - 1500h

TOTAL's recommendation for this kind of application is Ceran WR 2 for the following reasons :
  • NLGI grade 2, the ideal compromise for good Thermal & Mechanical stability, and the EP/AW performances linked to the CERAN soap together with good pump ability.
  • Right behaviour in the presence of moisture (enhanced AW & anticorrosion performance) 
  • A grease known and recognized by the manufacturers of bearings (SKF, Schaeffler (FAG), Timken) and the makers of presses (UMT, CPM,…)
Feedback on wood pelleting using CERAN HVA clearly gives a lead over competitors. Bearing lifetime expectation of 2000 - 3000 hours.

Customer benefits

  • Dowtime reduction
  • Maintenance costs decrease
Furthermore reduced grease & energy consumption has been observed with regard to our customers (less internal friction). 



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