Guaranteeing food safety to consumers is paramount for today's food processors.

With this challenge in mind, Total Lubrifiants has developed NEVASTANE, a full range of NSF H1 registered lubricants designed for use when incidental contact with food is possible.

Using these products instead of traditional products allows you to avoid serious consequences for both the consumer and your brand image, in the event the lubricant comes into contact with the food accidentally. Use NEVASTANE with complete peace of mind!

A range of products adapted to your needs

The NEVASTANE range spans a wide array of products that have been completely reformulated to meet the latest requirements of industrial equipment suppliers. Offering improved performance for every food industry application, NEVASTANE products protect your equipment and extend its working life, even in the most difficult operating conditions such as wide temperature ranges or in presence of water or food.

     The assurance that the products are:
  • registered NSF H1
  • free of any compound of animal origin
  • GMO free
  • allergen free
  • manufactured in ISO 21469-certified plants


These are not made or contaminated by: compounds of animal origin, Allergens (nuts etc) and GMO products.

These grades are all suitable where incidental contact of lubricants may be a possibility. In situations where H2 products are used, for safety sake it is always best to demonstrate to the customer the importance of using NSF H1 lubricants as an insurance policy to avoid any possible cross contamination between the 2 oils.

All certificates on the products are available to the customers if needed.

NSF H2-Mineral oils

Mineral oils are not allowed above the food line as they contain aromatics that can be considered to be cancer forming and also because the additives may not be food safe. These products can only be used below the food line where there is no possibility of food and packaging contamination.

NSF 3H-Vegatable oils

Vegetable oils where direct contact with the food is made either as an additive or a lubricant. A typical application is dough dividing and lubricating of cutters. This is classed as a processing aid (FDA,21CFR 170 to 189 = HSF 3H) these products being the Finaturol grades.


The use of NSF H1 certified products are compulsory to use with HACCP audited systems (Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Point). This looks at possible contaminations in the system e.g

  •  Biological  contamination- Polluted Water,  Bacteria development
  • Chemical contamination- Contamination by detergent, contamination by non-NSF H1 lubricant
  • Physical contamination- Broken glass, insects, employee's jewellery

Other Certification

IFS- International Food Standard

ISO 2200 Food Safety Management Systems

ISO 21469-Lubricant Manufacturers (process has to be compliant with specification)

Innovative packaging

  • With the clean and easy-to-use LUBE SHUTTLE GREASE GUN, you can quickly apply grease with just one hand.
  • Greasymat is a new standalone, rechargeable automatic grease applicator that offers 10-bar ejection pressure.

recommendations for use

  • Store the NSF H1 lubricants in a separate and well-identified area.
  • Flush your equipment with the food grade suitable product before converting to NSF H1 lubricant for the first time (contact us).
  • Label your transfer containers and dispensing equipment in order to avoid any potential cross contamination.
  • Comply with the recommended product lifespan indicated on our

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