ANAC Diagnosis

ANAC (abbreviation for ANAlysis Compared) is the Total Lubricants corporate diagnosis system for diesel engines and other driveline components, based on the analysis of used oil.

The oil is indicative of the health of your equipment.  The quality and accuracy of analysis thgrough ANAC brings visible benefits in increased productivity and reduced costs of maintenance and lubrication:

  • Monitoring without removing or stopping the mechanical condition of the machine and residual qualities of the lubricant,
  • Anomaly detection: premature wear of mechanical parts, oil pollution from water, dust.
  • Lower consumption of lubricant drain intervals spacing.

A complete range for all your industrial applications

  • ANAC INDUS : analysis of industrial oils.
  • ANAC COOLANT: analysis of coolants.
  • ANAC GAS : analysis of industrial gas engine oils.
  • ANAC EXPERT: analysis of engine oils, gearbox, mechanical body rolling, piston engine aircraft.
  • ANAC VISIO : analysis of combustion driveline components ( e.g. automatic and manual gearboxes, differentials, reduction cases) and hydraulic systems in automotive applications (e.g. construction equipment) 
  • ANAC PRO : analysis of all mechanical parts of your vehicles and equipment (engine, transmission, and hydraulics) 

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